SwearPi - Using Amazon Polly to read swearing git commits

Recently I stumbled upon a twitter account called Developers Swearing @gitlost, created by by @uiri00. The bio of the account sums up what it does better than I ever could “Unfiltered commit messages containing profanity from GitHub's API”. With every tweet I read I could feel compassion towards the developer making that commit. For some […]

VREB Part 2, time to examine the components

So in the last post I had done a lot of looking around at the circuit board and outlined my plans. Tonight I decided to tinker a little bit more with the bike. It is pretty much disassembled more than how it came from the factory in November 2015. First, starting  from the power adapter input I decided […]

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Operation TweetToTayTay

So a few months ago it was coming up to my girlfriends birthday (lets call her R) and I decided to do something different for a present for her. Her favorite artist is Taylor Swift so I figured I'd try tweet to her to try get a birthday message, but then I thought why don't […]

Finally figured out how delegate = self works in Xamarin.iOS

Quite often when using Xamarin.iOS (MonoTouch) you will find yourself having to port objective-c samples to C#. One thing that has always bothered me is when I find a line like this.

The solution I always go for is

But this will cause a "Cannot implicitly convert type" compiler error. Take a look […]

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The stress of being a programmer

I recently came across an article titled The Stress Of Being A Computer Programmer Is Literally Driving Many Of Them Crazy via the IGDA Melbourne Facebook group. It's quite an interesting read. Personally, I don't feel that I suffer from the imposter syndrome. I hope I never do, it sounds awful... I have been told by […]

iOS7 Version compatibility

Recently while updating A LOT of our apps I see that one of the main issues is the content going under a UINavigationController. It appears the solution is rather easy and quick to fix.

This works a treat in most instances, however your app will no longer be compatible with iOS6 and below devices. […]

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